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Depending on the situation and according to the time available, it can be decided to evacuate a certain area (preventive evacuation).

If time does not permit to organize this in a safe way, the evacuation can still be organized after taking shelter (post-accident evacuation).

People who are/were in the neighbourhood of a nuclear site, can go to a relief centre. The practical guidelines will then be communicated.

The citizens concerned should follow following instructions:

  • Remain calm
  • Leave your residence after having shut down water, gas and electricity.
  • Take a minimum of personal belongings with you (ID card, money,...)
  • Take several bottles of water with you
  • Hang a red cloth to your front door when the building is empty

The local authorities will provide the population concerned with all practical information needed (meeting place, transport, specific target groups...)

The police services establish a safety zone. It is not allowed to enter this zone.